Watch Dogs: Legion Music

Watch Dogs: Legion Music

Both of the first two Watch Dogs games had a considerably good soundtrack. This soundtrack also features a lot of music which fans can listen through the radio whenever they drive around in a vehicle. This music was a small addition to both the first games, which added to the immersion. The only problem was that there wasn’t exactly a huge variety of genres of music to choose from. This was made clear by the fans of the series, which is why Ubisoft has added a variety of different genres in Watch Dogs: Legion’s music.

Players will have the option to switch between entire channels rather than randomly switching around songs waiting for their favourite ones. There is a total of 6 different channels in the game and each of them allows you to listen to a specific genre of songs from Watch Dogs: Legion music. For example, there is a channel which will only feature metal songs, while there is also a channel which will only feature hip hop. The different 6 channels will each play one of metal, rock, hip hop, pop, electronica, and punk music.

This is something that most people will appreciate, as they don’t have to shuffle around and wait for their favourite Watch Dogs: Legion music to play. Instead, they can change the channel of the radio at their will and play their desired type of music. On top of this, fans of them game themselves have also been provided an opportunity by Ubisoft to add their own tunes to Watch Dogs: Legion music.

Players from around the world can work with artists and members of the Ubisoft team to create music. A selected 10 of these songs will be featured in the game and will also be a part of the Watch Dogs: Legion music playlist which you’ll be able to listen to on the radio. This is just one of the many things that fans of the franchise have come to love about Watch Dogs: Legion ahead of its release.

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